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Take advantage of your garden assets. Every garden has some strong points or the other. But most of the time people complain about what they are missing.

There is no harm in improving your garden conditions, but it is also important and sometimes more fulfilling to utilize the prevailing conditions and use them to their full effect.

In this article, we want to emphasize these points. Here are some of these garden conditions which bother people, and just how you can use them to your benefit.

Too Much Sunlight: 

If your garden receives bright sunlight most of the time, you should consider yourself lucky. There are very few plants in this world which don’t like bright sunlight. Most of the vegetables and fruit growing plants require at least six hours of direct sunlight.

bright colored flower
Plants with bright colored flowers

Many bright colored flowers grow fantastically well under bright sunlight. You can choose a variety of colors and combinations.

Lack of Sunlight:

If your garden conditions are just the opposite of the previous one i.e, you rarely receive bright sunlight; you don’t need to worry. Consider this as an opportunity to create a cool and soothing environment around.

leafy vegetables for a shady garden
leafy vegetables for a shady garden

One of the major benefits of having a darker garden is that you don’t need to worry about wilting of plants. It will provide a fresher look to your garden.

Not every plant requires 6 hours of direct sunlight; grow leafy vegetables. Many flowers actually prefer dark environment and not the direct sunlight.

Dry Conditions: 

If your garden soil and surroundings are too dry, and you think it is not possible to grow anything; think again. These days, there are so many options available with growers that you don’t even need to think about watering most of the time.

cactus for a drier climate
cactus for a drier climate

Start from cacti and the options are endless. You might think this as a blessing in disguise. You can start with the nursery shops and ask for their help in selecting the plants; or you can use the Internet to research on this.

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Wet or Soggy Condition:

Don’t neglect these parts of the garden just because they are soggy and damp. Grow plants that love damp environments.

damp area gardening

This might look a little unconventional but it will help to redecorate your landscape. Skunk cabbage can be a good option for this type of environments. You can check this article for a detailed list of various plants for this kind of environment.

Acidic Soil: 

A soil pH lower than 6.5 is called acidic soil. Acidic soil is actually good for many plants. Potatoes, Strawberries, Radishes etc love acidic soil.

Rose for acidic soil
Rose for acidic soil

You can also turn your empty acidic patch of land into a rose garden in case the soil is slightly acidic. Different types of fern also grow well in acidic soil.

Alkaline soil: 

In contrast to the above here, the soil pH is 7.5 or more. Other than lowering the pH (which is always an option), you can also use the conditions to grow plants that are more suitable to grow in alkaline soil.

leeks for alkaline soil
leeks for alkaline soil

Plants such as Sunflowers, Daisies, Leeks, Oranges are ideal for alkaline soil. You can also opt for plants like Maple is you have the required space.

These are just some of the examples. You can always use your creativity and gardening knowledge to create more such solutions.

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