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Growing Cactus

cactus growing tips

Cactus is one the easiest plants to grow. They offer different size shape and color. There are more than 2000 species of cacti known to men. The best part of cacti is you can grow them inside or outside of your house. They can be either with (desert cacti) or without spines (Jungle cacti).

Here in this article, we will give you some tips on cactus growing which will be beneficial even if you already growing them. We would also like to hear from you about your experience with cactus. Please use the comment box to share your views.
Cacti can grow in very hot temperature to very cold temperature. Depending on your climate choose the cacti variety.

The best way to grow a cactus is from cuttings. Though many gardeners grow them from seeds we recommend cuttings as the chances of survival is far better in this case. Use a sharp knife for cutting. Select a healthy plant and cut a branch from the plant which has grown recently (within one year). Leave it for some time and you will find a callus is growing. This callus will prevent the plant from rotting.

After a couple of weeks, bury one-third portion of the cutting in the soil putting the callus-end inside. And keep it in a shaded location.Water the plant from time to time and when the soil dries up. But do not over water it.

Never give your cacti a large amount of water. These plants have evolved from a condition where there is a scarcity of water. A waterlogged condition can really harm your plant. Water only when it seems that the soil is drying out. In hot summers, you may need to water daily in the morning. But in winter you can skip watering for weeks. More on watering techniques can be found here.

Add a mix of compost along with the soil before planting cactus. They require reporting every one or two years. Best time to use fertilizer is in the time of reporting.

Cacti are also known for their flowers. The flower in a cactus plant looks very different from any other plant. Some cactus plants like Orchid Cactus can grow very large and fragrant flowers.

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