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How to make a Pet Friendly Garden

pet-friendly garden how to

If you have pets and you also want to do gardening you need to consider two major issues.

  1. Pets can provide certain damages to your garden
  2. Your garden may cause some harm to your pets.
Now let’s consider those two points in detail and the steps to counter those problems.

Damaging impacts of pets on the garden:

Like it or not, pets have a tendency to destroy the vegetables which have been planted.
pet friendly gardening
Urination is a very common phenomenon. Dogs tend to urinate in the gardens. Sometimes it is so toxic that it can kill grasses. The best you can do is to put some water over the place to dilute the impact. Remove any dog poo immediately and don’t wait for they to dicey. If your dog is an incessant digger and burrower, you can solve it by having it wear dog booties for hiking, this will discourage them thoroughly.
Open Garden space is heaven for cat littering. Don’t keep any garden beds open. If you don’t have anything to grow, cover it with mulch or plastic. Open garden beds are the place where cats prefer to litter. Outdoor rabbit cage set ups can also seep the area with a toxic not to akin to garden plants, always make sure that you are aware of runoff.
Building a fence around the vegetables or the garden to protect the plants. Here is an article you should read on building fences.
In the case of a cat, this type of fencing might not work. So what you can do is use plastic forks and plant them evenly (not more than 8 inches apart) in your garden with the pointed side upwards. The best part of using plastic forks is cats will not get injured and also learn to avoid the garden.
Plant thorny plants like roses. This will discourage pets like dogs to enter your garden. Just in case they still end up wondering in and getting injured by cuts and scratches, you can get these pet meds to make them feel much better with their injuries and heal faster.
In case you have cats, building a small separate garden with catnip and grasses is a very good idea. It can distract them from your prized scalp.
Larger plants are generally less disturbed by the pets than the smaller ones. So in case the plants are very tiny right now use some kind of cage to protect them till they grow bigger.
In some extreme cases, you might have to use different repellants (it should be pet-friendly) to keep them away.

A garden can also harm the pets:

Now consider the second problem. How much we may want our pets to stay away from the plants, chances are that they would reach there. So it is for the sake of our pets, we have to select our plants wisely; It happened to me once my pet ate something bad and got sick fortunately I found a veterinary near me.
There are several plants that are hazards to pets and can create a lot of trouble if they come in contact with those. Avoid them at any cost. Most of the dogs don’t chew any plant but small puppies sometimes tend to do so.

dog training

Don’t go for chemical herbicides or fertilizers. Being organic is the first thing you can do to keep your pets safe. While applying any kind of fertilizers or pest repellants or weeding your plot keep your pets inside your house and don’t let them into the garden.
In case you find your pets to act unusually like vomiting, wobbling or salivating excessively consult your nearest veterinary for guidance.
Having pets and a garden is all you need to spend your quality time. If you follow these tips along with gettig comforting supplies like hedgehog bedding material, etc. you can enjoy both without sacrificing the other.

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