The Importance of Organic Gardening

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The main reason people around the world choose to grow vegetables is to control the type of food they eat without the fear of chemical or preservatives. They want to minimize themselves and their loved ones from the hazards of commercially grown vegetables.

The side effects of chemical pesticides can take its toll on the human body. Through this blog, I want to emphasize this idea of organic gardening and how it can help you.

Every day we are using chemicals in the form of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, many foods and even in clothing which are manufactured by the use of chemicals.

Now, it might not be possible to control all the chemicals from entering into our body, but the least we can do is to garden chemical free and minimize the entry of toxic chemical into our body through foods.

The two most common ways by which the chemicals are introduced to our food is by use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

The Dangers of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides:

dangers of pesticides

The use of chemical fertilizers is no doubt very tempting. Chemical fertilizers act as quick fix short-term plant boosters. You can actually see the growth of plants within a few days, after putting the fertilizers. But guess what in the long run these kinds of fertilizers do more bad than good. Just look at these:

  1. Firstly, Chemical Fertilizers deteriorate soil fertility and soil life (which includes earthworm, the ever known friend of farmers).
  2. They also Prevent plants from getting their much-needed trace elements which are very essential to their survival. Plants grown in these kinds of soil are vulnerable to various diseases.
  3. Many artificial chemical fertilizers contain acids, such as Sulfuric or Hydrochloric, which decreases the pH of the soil (make the soil more acidic).
  4. Earthworms help in keeping a good aeration in the soil. When you add chemical fertilizers to the soil they kill By killing earthworm these type of fertilizers also reduces the natural aeration of the soil.
  5. As we all know the excess level of anything generally creates problems. Well, chemical fertilizers have a very high concentration of nitrogen. When plants are supplied with much nitrogen and a medium amount of phosphate it can easily contact mosaic infections.

The Benefits of Organic Gardening:

benefits of organic gardening

Now, If you think about it, Organic Gardening is a very simple story. For years people have been growing foods without the use of chemicals. It would only make sense to use the same techniques and the get the same results.

Organic gardening not only benefits us or our family rather it also helps in maintaining the equilibrium of the ecology and environment which have been severely hampered by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Here are some of the immediate benefits of organic gardening:

  1. Among the many advantages of growing food organically, first and foremost is the food produced using Organic Gardening is more nourishing and beneficial to health. Vitamin C and dry matter contents are far higher in organically grown crops than in its non-organic siblings.
  2. Mineral contents are far better in Organic crops than in non-organic ones.
  3. Substantially higher amount of Antioxidants and health-promoting compounds are present in Organically grown crops than their counterparts which have been cultured with the help of pesticides. Antioxidants can greatly reduce the risk of Cancer.
  4. You can save money not only by growing your own food but also can make some extra cash by selling your “all organically grown food” which are so popular in grocery stores these days.

In case you want to start your own Organic Gardening and want more information, you might want to check out our other article on organic gardening.

If you have any other points to add or disagree with me on any point please feel free to comment.

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