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Effect of Light on Indoor Gardening

light and gardening

Today Lets talk about Light. Light is a very important factor in gardening. But when you think about indoor gardening light is absolutely crucial.

Most gardeners prefer, south-facing windows, as they allow abundant light. But depending on where you’re located in the country, this could be a boon or a bane.

When you have a south facing window it no doubt allows sunlight but the heat also streams in thats why some gardeners install Maitland Blinds to keep control of light and heat on their plants and make their windows look awesome. If you put some plants in the direct sunlight during the hottest part of a summer day, especially without proper airflow, You might just burn them to death.

So the site selection needs to be more selective. When you pick a spot for growing plants. The key is that not only the allows ample sunlight, but can also be shaded in some way.

Here are two ideas you can try:

  1. Pick a window that has an awning outside that blocks the sun during the middle of the day.
  2. You can also place plants on a shelf that gets indirect sunlight.

But above all, if you’ve seen good results with existing houseplants, you’ve found some good spots already. Also, take a very good care of your plants particularly if you are growing any forms of herb.

Now, natural light isn’t mandatory, you can also use artificial lighting (the set up might involve a little bit work ). The best combination would be to use the natural sunlight (with the use of proper shedding) during the summers and then supplement with artificial lights in the winter.

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  1. Light is an important factor in the growth of plants but natural sunlight is still the best. There is also the availability of grow light for indoor plants.

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