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Indoor Gardening: Part I

Almost all the topics we discussed earlier is on outdoor gardening. This is our first initiative towards indoor garden. Hope you will like this as well. If you have any suggestions, please put them in the comment box. Now a day’s most of us live in apartments where there is…

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Effect of Light on Indoor Gardening

Today Lets talk about Light. Light is a very important factor in gardening. But when you think about indoor gardening light is absolutely crucial. Most gardeners prefer, south-facing windows, as they allow abundant light. But depending on where you’re located in the country, this could be a boon or a…

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6 Challenges of Indoor Gardening.

Generally, people don’t prefer growing plants inside their houses but sometimes that is the only choice we have got. Like every other thing in the world Indoor gardening has its share of pros and cons. Though there is no doubt that pros outnumbered the cons there are some points we…

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Top Five Plants for Indoor Gardening

If you are blessed with a backyard or a terrace you might not want to grow plant indoor but for the rest of us, indoor gardening might be the only way out. Indoor gardens have their own share of problems. Lack of light, humidity, proper watering, are some of them….