bubble plant growing and care

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Do you love to grow plants? The bubble plant is a unique and interesting houseplant and is one of the easiest to care for. Here in this post, I will share with you some interesting inputs about growing bubble plants so that you easily grow them in your house.

What is a Bubble Plant?

The Bubble Plant is an extremely popular plant, owing to its adorable appearance. This herbaceous plant has dark green leaves growing in pairs, each with the margins rolled under, giving it an unusual appearance. The leaves resemble bubbles frequently puckered and crinkled.

They are well suited to tropical and subtropical climates and they will grow just about fine in any climate if given the right care.

How to Grow a Bubble Plant in Your Home

Here you will find a guide on how to grow and take care of a bubble plant. The plants can be grown in most parts of the world and are relatively easy to maintain with the right care. This article will cover all aspects of growing and caring for the plant at home.

Where Should I Place The Bubble Leaf Plant:

The bubble leaf plant loves indirect sunlight. Keep them in a place where they can get at least 3-4 hours of daily sunlight.

Don’t place your plant in direct sunlight, it will burn its leaves. But don’t put them in total darkness also. If they don’t receive enough light they will drop the leaves and will not grow properly.

Morning sunlight is best for the bubble plant. Keep them near an east-facing window so that they can get ample light without getting burned.

If your house does not get enough sunlight you can use grow lights to raise the plant.

bubble plant care

Watering The Plant

Watering The Bubble Plant is so important during the growing period. The soil must be kept moist with sufficient moisture to develop a sufficient root system. Water your plant thrice a week. Keep the plant away from exposure to rain, as this could damage it. 

If it is not the growing season, water only when the soil is dry. If the plant gets too dry, it may kill the plant. Keep the soil lightly moist spring through fall and allow it to dry out in winter. 

Fertilizing The Plant:

The Bubble Plant grows pretty fast and you can fertilize it with half-strength fertilizer once a month or as directed by your supplier. A good potting mix usually comes with a good mixture of nutrients so you don’t have to add fertilizer initially. 


The Bubble Plant can remain in its pot for a very long time. But after some time it will get pot bound and lack adequate root space. Now you have to repot the plant. Bubble plant likes to grow in smaller pots and in a slightly root-bound state. So use a container that is one or two sizes larger to repot the plant.


Bubble leaf plants grow pretty fast. So to keep it in an easy-to-maintain state, you have to prune the plant regularly. Use your thumb and index fingers to pinch off the leaves and keep them well-groomed. You can also use pruners to do the work.

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Bubble plants will add an exotic look to your house. and the best part is you don’t have to be an expert to grow them in your house. Growing bubble plants is a fun and easy way to add some life to any room. They are also a great option for you if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

So if you’re looking for an interesting houseplant that you can grow easily, bubble plants may be the perfect option for you!

I hope this post has helped you raise your confidence to grow the plant. Now, just start growing.

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