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what is mulch beginner's guide

What is Mulch: A Basic Idea for The Beginners

In my past blogs, I kept mentioning about Mulch. I know many of the gardeners are totally aware of this term, but I can feel the confusion a beginner will face while others keep mentioning about mulching. People are asking me about what is mulch. So I have decided to…

The Real Meaning of Going Organic

What organic gardening means to you? Most of the people will say Gardening without using chemical fertilizer or pesticides on their plants, but this is only the 50% of the story. When we talk about Gardening organically, we think of plants as the part of the whole ecological system. So…

organic gardening organic

The Importance of Organic Gardening

The main reason people around the world choose to grow vegetables is to control the type of food they eat without the fear of chemical or preservatives. They want to minimize themselves and their loved ones from the hazards of commercially grown vegetables. The side effects of chemical pesticides can…


Best Bug Repellent Flowering Plants

If you are a gardener you must have faced or even currently facing the problem of insect infestation in your garden. Organic gardeners also face the challenge of protecting their plants from bugs and other insects without using any chemicals. One of the possible solutions to this problem is to…

different types of plant pollination organic

A simple guide to plant pollination

If you are a regular follower of this blog you must be aware that through this blog, we are trying to create an awareness about organic gardening. We have discussed quite a few organic gardening techniques in the past. Did you know that by simply changing the arrangement of planting…

pet-friendly garden how to Gardening tips

How to make a Pet Friendly Garden

If you have pets and you also want to do gardening you need to consider two major issues. Pets can provide certain damages to your garden Your garden may cause some harm to your pets. Now let’s consider those two points in detail and the steps to counter those problems….