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how to water a bonsai plant Bonsai

How To Water A Bonsai Plant

Watering can be a very critical aspect of bonsai. Too little water can leave you bonsai shredding leaves, branches or even die. Too much water can make the root rot. How often Do I Need To Water A Bonsai: Watering frequency depends largely on the environment and plant’s growth rate….

best plants for containers container gardening

How to Choose Plants for Container Gardening

Though you can practically grow any type of plant in containers (provided you have given the proper growing condition), it is always a good idea to start with the container friendly varieties. Here in this article, we will give you an idea of what plants grow well in containers and…

self watering containers container gardening

Self Watering Pots: Why Waste Time When You Can Automate

I have discussed the watering techniques in the past. Today’s topic will be an extension to that. It is called “Self Watering Containers”. This topic has been requested by one on our reader. I hope this will clear some doubt on this topic. Self Watering Pots are great for gardeners,…

container gardening basics beginner's guide

Container Gardening: A great Motivator

What is Container Gardening? Container Gardening simply means growing plants in containers or pots. Today, when the limitation of time and space is everyone’s utmost concern, this seems to make a lot of sense. Especially, if you live in an apartment, Container gardening is probably the best way to do…