Triple 16 Fertilizer: It’s Use and 3 Best Organic Alternatives

triple 16 lawn fertilizer

Triple 16 fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer that has been in use in traditional farming for many years. Being an organic gardener I personally use compost to improve my soil. And in this blog also I write mostly about organic gardening.  This post is all about using triple 16 fertilizer to fertilize your garden and … Read more

Are Banana Peels good as an Organic Fertilizer?

banana peel fertilizer

Looking for a natural way to fertilize your plants? Look no further than banana peels! Our comprehensive guide explores the benefits of using banana peels as a fertilizer, how to prepare them for use, and which plants will benefit most from their use. Don’t miss out on this easy and cost-effective way to improve the health and vitality of your plants.

What is Manure? How To Use Manure Compost to Fertilize Garden Soil

how to use manure

What is Manure? Manure is a combination of digested, partially digested, and undigested remains of the food that an animal eats, along with a broad mix of microorganisms. To put it simply, Manure is the dung (feces) and urine, mostly of farm animals, with or without other materials. Why Use Manure For Garden? Gardeners use … Read more