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Looking for some easy way to fertilize your garden. Here is one you can do without spending a dime. if you haven’t tried banana peels already, this will definitely motivate you to do so.

Banana peels contain carbohydrates (roughly 60 percent), fiber (30 percent), a little bit of protein, fat, and water. They have nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth of a plant.

When the peels break down they can add nitrogen, phosphorous, and a good amount of potassium to the soil. This is the main reason why banana peels are considered a very good fertilizer for the soil.

What Banana Peels Good For:

Other than using as a organic fertilizer or soil enhancer you can use banana peels

  • as a moisturizer to hydrate skin.
  • Removing wart.
  • Treating psoriasis. Etc.

The peels also give relief from itching from mosquito bites and poison ivy if you rub them on the infected place.

Why Banana Peels Are A Great Organic Fertilizer?

Banana peels are a great organic fertilizer because they possess a very low amount of nitrogen and a high amount of phosphorous and potassium. Most organic fertilizers have nitrogen in them which although is good for leafy vegetables but disturb flowering and fruiting in plants.

On the other hand, a fertilizer like banana peels is excellent for plants that produce fruits or flowers.

Other than potassium and phosphorous, banana peels also possess plant nutrients like calcium, manganese, sodium, magnesium, and sulfur. These have a major role in the healthy development of plants. Here is the full article on how a plant’s nutrients affect the growth of a plant.

How to Use Banana Peel Fertilizer:

There are two ways you can use banana peels to fertilize your garden,

  1. Simply bury the peels near your growing plants. As they decompose they will release the nutrients in the soil.
  2. Prepare banana peel tea. This is more like preparing compost tea. Put banana peels in a jar and then fill the jar with water. Cover the jar with cloth or some breathable lid. Within a couple of weeks, the peels will rot and release nutrients into the water.

Being a liquid fertilizer, like compost tea, you can apply it directly to the roots.

Why Banana Peels Turn Black:

The peels have an enzyme named polyphenol oxidase which in the presence of oxygen and hot temperature turns the color of the outer skin black. If you store them in the refrigerator this process will definitely slow down.

Are Banana Peel Good for Roses:

Banana peels though are excellent for any plant they are particularly good for roses and tomatoes. The peels have a good amount of phosphorus and potassium which is one of the crucial nutrients for the flowering of roses.

Banana peels also contain calcium which prevents blossom end rot disease in tomatoes.

Remember, the peels solely won’t be enough to feed your plants. The best way to use them is to use them along with other organic fertilizers or compost.

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 banana peels fertlizer

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