Potato Companion Plants: What To Plant With Potatoes

potato plant

Are you planting potatoes this year? If so, then try out these companion plants, you will definitely see your potatoes thrive. 

These companion plants will harmoniously connect with your potato plant and help your potatoes grow quicker and stronger. Companion plants add so much value to your main plant that it is a shame not to use them in gardening.

By knowing which plants to grow near potatoes, you can improve the growth and health of your potato plants.

Why Grow Companion Plants With Potatoes:

There are quite a few reasons why growing companion plants with your potatoes can be a great idea. When people think of companion planting, often it is for attracting beneficial insects to a garden.

But companion plants do a lot more than just attracting beneficial insects, they enhance nutrition, provide physical support, deter pests, improve health and flavor, improve soil quality and many others.

How Companion Plants Help Your Potato Plants:

  • Plants such as Beans and other legumes increase nitrogen levels in the soil. So if you plant them near your potatoes, your potato plants will get free fertilizer boost from their neighbors. 
  • Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach are shallow rooted plants, and they don’t compete with your potato plants for nutrients. So you can easily plant them between the rows of potato hills and save a lot of garden space. 
  • Some plants like basil, parsley,thyme etc. can enhance the flavor of the potato tubers if you plant them with potatoes. 
  • Flowers such as petunias can attract beneficial insects who can be helpful to fight potato pests
  • Our all time favorite marigolds, help  you deter pests and pathogens and protects your potato plants from many viral and bacterial diseases.

Best Companion Plants for Your Potatoes:

So to sum it up followings are some of the best companion plants for your potatoes. You should grow them with your potato plants to see better results in terms of yield and maintenance.

Plants You Should Not Grow With Potatoes:

Now, although potato is very easy to grow plant and most plants do well when grown with them, not all plant shows the same results. 

Never plant tomatoes, cucumbers etc with your potato plant. If your potato gets infected with blight it will also spread to those plants. Also, avoid squash and pumpkins for this same reason.

Being a member of the nightshade family, you should not plant any other plant of the same family like eggplants near your potato plants. 

Plants such as carrots or onions can shunt the growth of potato tubers. So don’t plant them in close proximity to your potato plants. 

Worst Companion Plants for Your Potato Plants: 

Here is a list of the plants that you should avoid planting near your potatoes. They either cause trouble to your potato plants, or their growth will be hampered by the potatoes.

When you start growing potatoes remember all the plants that you should or should not grow with your potato plants. These Companion planting strategies will help you increase your potato yields without the use of chemicals.

If you want to know more about companion planting you can visit this post.

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