plants for vertical gardening

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We have discussed vertical gardening in our earlier article. Here we will mention some plants which make the perfect choice for growing vertically. These plants are some of the best which grow pretty well in vertical gardens. If you have any other plants which you think can grow well please mention them here. As per our choice, these plants are:


Beans for vertical garden

The bush form of beans does not grow well in vertical gardening. So if you are planning to do vertical gardening with beans, choose the pole variety. Its harvest can go for several months.

You can also provide horizontal support for them. If used properly, you can prepare visually attractive structures by using bean plants.


tomato for vertical garden

Tomatoes are a very good option for practicing vertical gardening. As discussed in tomato growing tips, tomatoes require support such as wire cages, for growing.

Cherry tomatoes are also good for growing in a vertical garden. These creepers use vines which make them ideal for growing against a wall. Just choose a place where you receive full sunlight at least for six hours.


cucumber for vertical garden

There are several varieties of cucumbers available in the market. Most of the varieties grow well in the vertical garden. You need a strong trellis for holding the plant, as when the fruit grows larger, the pressure on the trellis will be much more than some other plants like peas or beans.

Most of the time, they grow upright. Providing net or fencing material can be a good choice for providing support to the plant.


pea plant

Choose the variety that grows vertically well. Peas are generally cool weather crops. As the fruit size is not heavy and plant tendrils are shorter in length, you can provide nets as a trellis.

Some varieties grow very high (such as 6 ft), so provide the trellis accordingly.


squash plant for vertical garden

Generally, in gardens, squash is grown along the ground. This is not a problem if you have a lot of space for gardening, But like most urban gardeners you might lack space, and so, vertical gardening can be a good choice for growing squash.

It will save a lot of space and will allow the light to reach every part of the fruit. It helps to prevent the fruit from rotting and also prevent diseases which cause due to a lack of the proper flow of air (like mildew).

Just keep in mind these fruits become very large in size so provide proper strong trellis of fencing structure for support.


strawberry in vertical garden

Strawberries do not have a deep root system. So they need additional support and hold on to vertical spaces for growth. This makes them ideal for vertical gardening. You can even grow them inside a PVC pipe.

There are several other option plants which you can grow in vertical gardens. Which plant do you prefer to grow? Share it with us.  


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