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Top Five Plants for Indoor Gardening

If you are blessed with a backyard or a Terrace if might not want to row plant indoor but for the rest of us indoor gardening might be the only way out. It has its own share of problems. Lack of light, humidity, proper watering are some of them. Very few plants do good indoors without any artificial lights. Having said that there is hope. Here is a list of five plants which will give you satisfactory result.

Cilantro: Being a type of leafy veggies cilantro does well in indoor. Here is an article which tell you how to grow Cilantro.


Mushrooms: Probably the best way to use the darkness of indoors is to grow Mushrooms. Here check this article for details on that.

Basil: Though basil prefer sun light and warm climate. It does fairly well indoors. The best place would be to place on a window where it will receive little bit of light here and there. 
Bay: It is a perennial plant and will do well in side your house. It also require proper air circulation. Please make a note if you want to grow Bay.
Chives: They are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and C and phytochemicals. These plants love humidity. Water regularly and make sure you soil does not get dry.


Which plant do you grow. Keep adding to that list.

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