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Organic Pest Control

organic pest control techniques

This article is a follow-up to my earlier article on organic gardening. I have already discussed what it means to be organic and the benefits of going organic. Now let’s dig a little deeper and actually look at some of the real options of organic pest control.

Most of us start with being organic in mind and start growing vegetables organically. But once they see some aphids or other insects in their garden all the initial hard work with organic manure or compost goes in vain and to prevent the pest from eating away the vegetables they take the help of many chemical pesticides. I would request you before opting for that option, please give a try with organic pest control. And this blog will definitely help you to do so.

Your Garden is always full of life. A home where the door is always open for various insects and other critters as it is a source of food. I can always feel your frustration while you spot a bug in your favorite vegetables for which you have spent so many hours in the sun. But don’t worry, many insects which are in your garden is not necessarily bad for your Garden, rather some of them might help you in controlling or reducing the impact of other potentially threatening insects. There are a lot of ways to get rid of pests in your home.

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The first thing you need to understand while practicing Organic Gardening is that everything in nature is in a balanced condition. So many garden plants have their own way of self-defense and they are a lot tougher than what we might think. They can even tolerate a little bit of damage and still produce good quality fruits and flowers.

A healthy plant is the first thing you should focus on to grow. Good soil (or soil-less mix) produces a good quality plant. Their carbohydrate, protein and fat ratios are in proper balance.

If the soil is not proper it can result in plants that are undernourished. These types of plants usually produce more Carbohydrate (sugar) than the other two components. More sugar always attracts more insects as they thrive on sugar.

Once you take all the necessary steps to produce good and healthy quality crops now it’s time to shift your focus towards protecting those. But spraying pesticides on plants is not an option if you also want to protect the environment you live in. In a dilemma like this organic pest controlling techniques comes as a savior to us. By following these techniques we can battle most of the destructive insects and protect our food.

Organic Pest Control Techniques:

  • As it says prevention is always better than cure. Build up barrier such as collars, and netting to prevent pests from attacking the plants. You can also handpick some of the bugs and remove it in case they are shown on the plant.
  • It is always a great option to try companion planting. Some plants have a beneficial impact on other plants in terms of pest removal and so planting them close by can definitely reduce or eliminate the pest attacks.

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  • Use Beneficial Insects. There are several insects like lady-beetle, ground beetle and wasps in your garden who fed on many aphids and worms. Don’t make use of mass killer and destroys those beneficial insects also.

organic pest control

  • Don’t water your plants in the evening it can increase the pest infestation in the plant. For detail guide on watering your plants click here.
  • You can use neem oil to remove pests. It is a very well known organic mode of pest control. Apart from neem oil, insecticidal soap, and different horticultural oils are also helpful. Garlic, tobacco and several other plants have a strong smell which deters pests.

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  • Using sticky and light traps are helpful to catch bigger insects and moths. Some birds also fed on those insects.
  • These are some of the steps which are the most popular tricks in controlling pests organically.

There are so many other steps which have been in practice for different countries from ages. Please let us know if you are currently using or aware of any such technique.

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  1. Well, I’ve been struggling with pests in my garden for such a long time. Now I found some practical & effective methods from your blog. Thank you so much! Will try these tips out soon!

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  5. I think that you make a good point that organic pest control is a good thing to do before using chemicals. My problem is that I have an infestation of bugs attacking my little garden. I don’t want to use harsh chemicals because I’m going to be eating the things. So I’d lie to find some organic insect control to use on my garden and get rid of the bugs.

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