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The Real Meaning of Going Organic

What organic gardening means to you? Most of the people will say Gardening without using chemical fertilizer or pesticides on their plants, but this is only the 50% of the story.

When we talk about Gardening organically, we think of plants as the part of the whole ecological system. So it also include soil, water supply even the insects. We have to work in harmony with the natural system and continuously replenish the resource which have been used by the garden.

The main concept of Organic Gardening is Recycling. Using kitchen scraps, animal and vegetable wastes to provide plants the nutrition or using household soaps or vinegar to prevent pests is just an integral part of organic gardening.

Organic gardening is the merging of plants and soil to work together as total system to provide food and nutrition not only to humans but also to animals and different organisms.

Every organic Gardener should rely on developing a healthy and fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops using crop rotation system. In this system Genetically modified(GM) crops are not allowed.

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