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Kitchen Garden for starters

what is a kitchen garden

What is a Kitchen Garden?

A kitchen garden doesn’t mean you have to garden inside your kitchen, rather it refers to a garden where you can get fresh healthy vegetables to cook In your kitchen. Though the closer the garden to the kitchen better it is for you to collect the vegetables in fresh condition.

How To Start A Kitchen Garden?

For the starters it is recommended to start small and plant what you want to eat, you can always do the add on later. It will not only maximize your pleasure and health it will add energy to continue the activities of Gardening for the longer period. 

Choosing a site is very important for the success of Gardening. Given a choice between a sunny spot and a shaded one I would recommend to choose the place with the presence of sunlight. For details on the effect of sunlight on the growth of plants check out my earlier blog Sun or No-sun.

kitchen garden

Next step is to prepare the media for growth. It can be soil or Soil-less. You can directly put the seeds or the seedling into the soil. In case the soil is not of good quality or lack proper drainage, you can always go soil-less. There are different types of soil-less media available. Whatever the option you take, make sure there are no weeds present in the media.

Next is to add compost to the media. It controls weeds adds organic matter to the media and also retains water. More on this here.

The next choice you have to make is whether to start with seeds or with transplants. It is always better to start with transplants as there are fewer chances of mortality and more the chances of success especially for plants like tomato or brinjal. Though many gardeners start with seeds due to lower cost, more variety, and more satisfaction to see a plant go from seed to fully grown.

Make sure your plants don’t die of thirst. Fruits and vegetables require lots of water. Especially in the case of transplants, you need to provide enough amount of water initially as the plants yet to grow deep root structure.

Lastly one single tip. It is important to plant some of the flower plants along with the vegetable plants to your Kitchen Garden. Flowers add colors to the garden as well as attract beneficial insects which promote pollination. In some cases, it also repels some of the undesirable and harmful insects.

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