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Gardening as a Hobby

gardening as a hobby

What is a hobby?

As per Wikipedia “A hobby is a regularly undertaken activity that is done for pleasure, typically during one’s leisure time”. In this article, we will discuss Gardening as a hobby and it benefits to society.

The primary focus of any hobby is to gain some recreation and not much that of earning money.

Hobby gives delight and helps in passing the leisure time. We will see how far as gardening is able to fulfill those needs as we go along the article.

Most of us follow some hobby or the other. Hobbies differ from person to person. There can be as many hobbies as there are men and women in the world.

Tastes differ and so do hobbies. Stamp collecting, coins collecting, photography, swimming, Gardening, kite-flying, etc., are a few of the common hobbies.

Everyone should have some hobby. It not only enriches us but also provides the vital energy boost to propel in our professional life as well.

Gardening As A Hobby:

Gardening is my hobby. It brings me in touch with the green plants and flowers and filled my lungs with pure Oxygen. We can derive great pleasure from Gardening, growing flowers and some vegetables of the season.

It is useful in many ways. Through this blog, I made an attempt to create an awareness about planting as a hobby. Gardening is not only an activity associated with recreations only. It has everlasting benefits.

Benefits of Having Gardening As A Hobby:

1. Gardening is an incredible activity to do with kids:

Children can learn the names of colors, fruits, and vegetables. By planting and harvesting, they will also learn to count. And, of course, knowing how to grow food is a skill that will assist them through their entire life, so when they’re not playing video games they could be gardening.
gardening hobby for kids
2. Gardening enables kids to spend time in nature, being up close and personal with butterflies, ladybugs, worms, ants, and spiders.

It allows children to get comfortable with soil while learning that food comes from the earth and not a drive-through.

3. Gardening is a great way to teach your children, ownership, and responsibility. It’s a good idea to get them their own tools. Allow them to be in charge of their little patch of earth. It will demand their attention to watering, weeding, and harvesting.

4. Gardening also teaches children two universal truths.

    1. How to sustain themselves in their environment. and
    2. That resources are not infinite, and it needs to be cultivated.

5. Get 100% organic food all by yourself

organic gardening

Though you can get Organic vegetables outside in the market, you never really sure of its quality. There are always doubts about exactly how it is grown UNLESS you do it yourself.

When you grow your own garden, you decide what goes in the soil and to the plant and more importantly WHAT DOESN’T.

6. Produce is at its peak nutritional value when ripe. Fruits and vegetables are plucked well before they mature. Then they have to travel a long way before they come to the supermarkets. It may even become ripe by the time you eat it.

The nutrition in the fruit comes from the stem of the living plant. and the value actually decreases with each and everyday, after harvest.

When you have your own garden you get the vegetable as nutritious as it can get.

7. Gardening provides all three types of exercise:

If you are a gardener, you know what I mean. With the proper Tools Around The House set gardening provides endurance, flexibility, and strength all by itself. Gardening burns enough calories, that also keeps you fit.

Gardening provides 3 types of exercises: Endurance, Flexibility, and Strength Click To Tweet

8. Gardening is great for the immune system:

According to author Joel Salatin, getting in the dirt can actually help boost your immune system! “A little dirt don’t hurt!”

9. Gardening Saves you Money:

The average family with a vegetable garden can save a lot of money when they grow veggies rather than buying them from outside. This might sound a very little, but over the years these amounts add up.

10. Imagine a situation. You might have forgotten to take cilantro while buying your vegetables. And in the midst of cooking, you are in dire need for some of them. You can always fetch it from your Kitchen garden.

Having fresh ingredients in your backyard beats a trip to the store every time!

Having fresh ingredients in your backyard beats a trip to the store every time Click To Tweet

11. Homegrown vegetables taste SIGNIFICANTLY better than store-bought ones.

12. Grocery stores and farmers markets usually keep two or three varieties of fruits or veggies. But when you grow your own you can choose seeds from an endless list. Do you know how many varieties of tomatoes you can grow in your kitchen garden?

gardening hobby benefits

Don’t let precious real estate go to waste. Plant some vegetables. Decorate your unused weed infiltrated area into a beautiful garden. It will produce a bountiful harvest for you to enjoy.

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  3. I am not quite the avid succulent gardener that you are, but I am a fan. Indoors, I only have a couple of small plants, since it's hard to find a spot that has enough light.

  4. Prasant Kumar Azad January 24, 2017 @ 11:18 pm

    My hobby is gardening. I love to be in contact with nature . Sometimes I sit with plants and try to talk with them. I love flowers and butterflies. I loved this article.

    • I’m with you Prasant. I like to harvest seeds and plant and watch them grow. I also like to plant trees and anything native I can save from development. Unfortunately for what ever reason I don’t seem to do as well with vegetables as I do with flowers. Plant a tree, save a child.

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