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Grow Cabbage In Your Home: Some Basic Tips

Cabbage is generally a cool weather crop. There are quite a few varieties available in the market viz Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Pointed cabbage, etc., Cabbage can be grown from the seeds easily. Sow seeds one inch deep into the soil. Spacing is very important in growing cabbage…

what is mulch beginner's guide

Mulch: A Basic Idea for The Beginners

In my past blogs, I kept mentioning about Mulch. I know many of the gardeners are totally aware of this term, but I can feel the confusion a beginner will face while others keep mentioning about mulching. People are asking me about what is mulch. So I have decided to…

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Growing Coriander: A Basic Know-How

Cilantro is also called Dhania in India and Coriander in some countries. It has a pungent and slight citrus taste to its leaves which adds to our taste buds. Cilantro like some other vegetables discussed in the earlier blog is easy to grow. You can grow cilantro in the garden…

Orchid growing tips growing flowers

Orchid Growing Basic Tips

Everybody love Orchids. They are very beautiful in their appearance and with so many colorful flowers. There are close to 30,000 varieties of orchids are known to people. They have a diverse range of habitat. They can be found from equatorial tropics to arctic tundra. One of the amazing ability…

organic pest control techniques Know How

Organic Pest Control

This article is a follow-up to my earlier article on organic gardening. I have already discussed what it means to be organic and the benefits of going organic. Now let’s dig a little deeper and actually look at some of the real options of organic pest control. Most of us…


Bonsai: The Japanese Miniature Plantation

Bonsai is a thousand years old Japanese culture of growing plants which has one of the unique aesthetics of its own. The word Bon means a small tray or a low sided pot and sai refers to planting. So the term bonsai if translated in English means planting in a…

Cucumber Growing Tips

After tomato, this is my second article on the easiest plant to grow series. This article is about growing cucumber another easy-to-grow-plant. Growing cucumber can be very easy and rewarding if you have little bit knowledge about them. The cucumber first originated in India and then spread across the world….