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Edible flowers

edible flowers

Flowers are generally not for eating they are left so that you can grow vegetables which are generally much tastier. Having said that; there are some flowers which are definitely worth eating. The reason may be that in not in all cases these flowers develop any tasty fruit. Or in some cases they can be added to you cuisine to add a different tinge to the taste buds. Though there are many vegetables which are biologically flowers, like cauliflower or broccoli but we have not added them here as they are considered more of a vegetable than flower.

This article is about flower which may not be popular vegetables but you can definitely use them as for some change in your cuisine. Some of the flowers which you can eat are:

Squash flower: All squash flower are edible. You can use both summer and winter squash flowers for stuffing and other type of cooking. Plants such as Zucchini are famous for their large sized edible flowers.

Nasturtium: Young flowers can be used in salads. It has pepper and slightly spice tasty. Apart from the flowers you can also use the leaves for eating purpose.

Borage: Borage flower taste like cucumber. You can add this to salads drinks etc.

Marigold: they are called poor man’s saffron. You can use the petals to color your dishes. They can also be used as a garnish on salads.

Rose: The petals of roses are used in many Indian dishes. Those fragrant petals always add the special aroma to the food. Click here to know more on rose gardening.

Basil, chives, dill, fennel, and arugula: These flowers are all aromatic and can be used in the food for flavor or color.

Here are a few tips on edible flowers:

Feed the plants once the first bud appears. Plants such as roses need a good caring. If you are planning to grow roses check out our tips on rose growing.
Choose the compost ingredients which are rich in Potassium (K) and Phosphorous (P).
Use much to control weeds and retain enough water into the soil.
Do not eat any flower on which any pesticide or chemical has been applied.
Not every flower is edible. Some can even be toxic. Use the scientific naming process to select your flower.

What is your favorite edible flower? Share your experience. Use the comment box below:

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