Backyard landscape landscape

Backyard Landscaping: DIY or Hire a Professional

The most important thing of your backyard landscape is the well-being of you and your family. Among the various reasons people use for building a backyard landscape, is to change the look and feel of their home. It is a wonderful way to add peace to your life whether you…

pruning cabbage cabbage

Pruning of a Cabbage plant

Growing cabbage is a very easy job. But as they start growing there may be different problems which start to creep in. Apart from the infesting with pests, sometimes the excessive growth can create a lot of problems. As leaves start touching the ground; leaf rotting starts to occur. The…

how to water a bonsai Bonsai

How To Water A Bonsai Plant

Watering can be a very critical aspect of bonsai. Too little water can leave you bonsai shredding leaves, branches or even die. Too much water can make the root rot. How often Do I Need To Water A Bonsai: Watering frequency depends largely on the environment and plant’s growth rate….

what is raingarden basics

Basics of A Rain Garden

Rain garden (it should not be confused with Gardening in the Rain) is an interesting concept. This concept is also a great example of self-watering gardening. Rain gardening not only increases your gardening beauty but also helps in water preservation. Here in this article, I want to give you a…

Growing Carrots Faq Carrots

FAQs about Growing Carrots

This is our next article on FAQ series. Today’s edition is CARROTS. Here are some of the questions generally asked about carrot growing. Which variety of carrot should I plant? If your soil does not have very good drainage capacity growing shorter varieties is best. For a deeper and loose…

Take Advantage of Your Garden Condition

Take advantage of your garden assets. Every garden has some strong points or the other. But most of the time people complain about what they are missing. There is no harm in improving your garden conditions, but it is also important and sometimes more fulfilling to utilize the prevailing conditions…