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How to Grow Bananas: Useful Tips For Banana Planting

How to grow banana tree

Growing Banana is not very tough. Anybody can use their backyard to grow them. This article will give you some insight into banana growing and how to grow bananas.

Ideal pH for growing good quality banana is 6.5. As like most of the fruit-bearing plants, Banana also requires a good amount of water and full sunlight. Experts suggest a place where 12 hours of sunlight is available. Please make note of this while doing banana planting.

In most cases, we use tissue-cultured banana plant transplant for planting. This is not a plant which you consider growing from the seeds.

How To Grow Bananas
How to grow bananas

Ideal Soil For Growing Bananas:

One of the most important parts of growing quality banana is to prepare the soil with good drainage. The best way to make sure that your soil will retain water and will not get waterlogged is to add Coconut coir or Perlite with the soil.

While planting bananas, makes sure that the roots of the plant get covered with the soil with at least ½ inch depth.

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How to Fertilize Banana Plants:

how to grow banana tree

Banana plants are very voracious eaters. Adding compost from time to time can really help the plant to grow. To prevent them from competition with other weeds, use a thick layer of mulch to cover the base.

A little bit of trimming is essential for banana plants. Remove all the leaves which are diseased or became yellow. It will help the water and other nutrients to reach the healthy parts of the plant resulting in good quality yield.

How To Propagate Banana Plants:

growing banana fruit

The banana plant releases many suckers from the base. It is better to remove them in early stages. Once the main plant becomes taller (close to 2 meters) you can let the suckers to grow into other banana plants.

When to Harvest Bananas:

Bananas taste best when they have ripened in the plant. Remove them once they become yellow.

You can remove the whole bunch in a single time. In this case, they will ripe inside your house. But be careful, a whole bunch of banana can weigh close to 45 kilos. Take somebody’s help in removing them from the plant.

Nutrition Value of Bananas:

Banana is a source of nutrition. It is filled with vitamin A, B6, C, minerals such as Potassium and lots of fiber.

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