How Much Sunlight A Marigold Plant Need: Do They Need Full Sun

do marigold needs full sun

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Do marigolds need full sun? A question I’m sure many of you out there who grow either inside or out, have wondered about.

Almost every plant needs sunlight to survive. But what type of light and soil is right for marigolds? Do marigolds need full sun? or would it be OK if I planted them under a tree, filtered sunlight only? maybe half sun?

Let’s find out how to make sure our marigolds are happy.

Do Marigolds Need Full Sun?

The marigold is a bright and colorful flower that can dress up your garden or your patio. While marigolds are not fussy about their light conditions, they will grow best in full sun.

However, some varieties of marigolds are more shade tolerant than others, so if you’re growing marigolds in an area that does not get at least six hours of sun, you may want to choose your varieties carefully.

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How Many Hours of Sun Do Marigolds Need?

Marigolds are annuals that thrive in the summer heat. They grow well in the sun, where they can soak up as much as six to eight hours a day.

This makes them ideal for planting in hot, dry areas. The plants will still grow in partial shade, but blooming may be reduced.

Can Marigolds Grow in Indirect Sunlight?

If your marigold plants are not getting enough direct sunlight, they may need supplemental lighting.

A south-facing window is an excellent place for marigolds to grow indoors because it gets plenty of light throughout the day.

If you have a north-facing window, consider using fluorescent lights to supplement the light your marigolds receive from the window.

Marigolds like direct sunlight best but if they don’t get it then indirect light will do just fine (as long as they still have plenty of bright light). Just make sure that where ever you put them there isn’t too much shade from trees or other plants nearby

Without enough light, marigold plants will become leggy and not produce flowers.

Can Marigolds Grow in Shade?

Marigolds prefer full sun, but they will grow in partial shade. They will bloom less often when grown in shady conditions.

If you want to use marigolds as an accent plant or border around taller flowers that need to be grown in partial shade, they are a good choice because they will grow and add some color to your garden area even if they don’t bloom as regularly.

Marigolds can’t survive in full shade. You should never plant the marigold where they don’t get at least five to six hours of sun a day. When grown in shade, they won’t bloom and may even die.

Partial shade works best when you are preparing marigold seedlings. the seedlings can’t tolerate full sun for an extended period so you have to grow them in partial shade.

What Happens if Marigolds Don’t Get Enough Sun?

Marigolds that don’t receive enough sunlight can become prone to diseases. lack of sunlight can also make water linger around the base of the plant and may cause stem rot.

Even if they remain healthy and still grow fairly well, they won’t produce as many flowers as those grown in full sun.

Can Marigolds Get Too Much Sun?

While marigolds need plenty of sunlight to be at their best, it is possible for them to get too much sunlight. Generally speaking, different varieties of marigolds have differing needs in terms of the amount of sunlight they require.

Some varieties can tolerate more shade than others, but most varieties do best with full sun exposure or at least 6 or more hours of direct sunlight per day.

If you are growing Marigolds in very hot climates you may want to use a little afternoon shade to prevent them from becoming stressed due to extreme heat.

They’re prone to leaf scorching when exposed to too much direct sunlight.

How Much Sun Do Marigolds Need?

Marigolds require between six and eight hours of sunlight per day, though some varieties can tolerate partial shade. If your marigolds aren’t blooming, they might not be getting enough sunlight.

Since marigolds bloom best in full sun, move them to a sunnier spot and see if that helps.


Yes, marigolds need full sun. If you grow marigolds in a pot, you should place it in a spot that gets plenty of light to help the plants flower their best and provide you with beautiful blooms all summer long.

And if you can’t get enough natural sunlight arrange a grow light to mimic sunlight for your marigolds.

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do marigolds need full sun

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