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how to grow hot-chilis chilli

How To Grow Hot Chilis? Follow These Simple Tips

Peppers are full of vitamin A, C, Iron, and potassium. Follow the article to know important points about growing pepper. There are two types of peppers sweet Bell peppers and hot chili peppers. This article is all about growing Hot chilis. If you are interested in growing Bell peppers, check…

manure for gardening fertilizer

Using Manure to Fertilize the Garden

What is Manure? Manure is a combination of digested, partially digested, and undigested remains of the food that an animal eats, along with a broad mix of microorganisms. Or in lay man’s term the dung (feces) and urine, mostly of farm animals, with or without other materials used as bedding….

best plants for containers container gardening

How to Choose Plants for Container Gardening

Though you can practically grow any type of plant in containers (provided you have given the proper growing condition), it is always a good idea to start with the container friendly varieties. Here in this article, we will give you an idea of what plants grow well in containers and…

how to grow bitter melons growing foods

How To Grow Bitter Melons

Bitter melons are vines that you can grow very easily in your garden or on your terrace, even in a pot. The best part is that they don’t need much attention. With a little effort, you can enjoy organic bitter gourd harvested from your own garden for months. Below are…

wiring bonsai plant Bonsai

Wiring The Bonsai

This is my 3rd article regarding bonsai preparation. After pruning, it’s time to wire the plant. In simple words, a wiring is a method of bending trunks and branches with the help of wires and giving shapes to the bonsai plants. Now, If you are new to bonsai you may…

tomato growing faqs FAQ

FAQs About Tomato Growing

There are several questions that bother many tomato growers. I have tried to compile some of these in this article. Here is a list of all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about growing tomatoes. FAQs About Growing Tomatoes Should I provide Staking/caging or No Support is needed? Generally, determinate types…