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indoor garden container gardening

Indoor Gardening: Part I

Almost all the topics we discussed earlier is on outdoor gardening. This is our first initiative towards indoor garden. Hope you will like this as well. If you have any suggestions, please put them in the comment box. Now a day’s most of us live in apartments where there is…

plants for vertical gardening current trends in gardening

Plants Ideal for Vertical Gardening

We have discussed vertical gardening in our earlier article. Here we will mention some plants which make the perfect choice for growing vertically. These plants are some of the best which grows pretty well in vertical gardens. If you have any other plants which you think can grow well please…

how to plant potatoes beginner's guide

How to Plant Potatoes: Growing Potatoes made Easy

It is very hard to find a person these days who don’t like potatoes. This is probably one of the favorite vegetables of all time. Knowing how to plant potatoes will definitely increase the liking towards this vegetable. This will definitely increase your confidence in growing potatoes. The scientific name…