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what is sheet composting compost

Sheet Composting

Sheet composting is a very good way to practice organic gardening. If you are following our articles you must be aware of what is a compost. Now, for making compost you need to store composting ingredients in a pile. But for an urban gardener, this is not a good news….

canker stem disease pests

Most Common Diseases of Potatoes

This article is a follow up from our earlier article about Potato growing. So if you have not read our earlier article please read that before continuing. In this article, we will inform you about some of the most common diseases which potato plants suffer. Potato Wart: potato wart disease…

gardening in shade basics

Gardening in Shade: Some useful information

Gardening does not always mean that you need to grow plants in full sun. Shade in the garden is like a nightmare for many gardeners. Though most of the vegetables like Tomatoes or cucumbers require full sun for their development, many plants can grow wonderfully well in shade. Here in…

what is solarization basics

Solarization: Know the Basics

Today we will discuss a very interesting but simple way of controlling weed problems in your garden. It is called the Solarization process. We have used the term in our earlier article Weed controlling in organic ways. Here we will give some details about what is solarization and how to…

Okra Growing Tips growing foods

Growing Okra: Some useful tips

If you are thinking about growing okra, this might just be the right time. Okra is also known as ladies finger and Bhindi (in India). The edible part of the plant is the pointed seed pods. Okra as a vegetable is very nutritious. It has a very mild flavor. But,…

Onion growing tips growing foods

Onion Growing tips

Today we are going to discuss some growing tips of Onions. Though it is not one of the easiest vegetables to grow, it is not very hard either. You can definitely try your hands on them provided you know some basic information. Onions can be of various types: red, white,…