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Top 5 Companion Plants For Tomatoes | Best Way To Grow Tomatoes

Here in this article, we will give you some of the best choices for companion plants of tomatoes. As a companion plant, they provide one or more than one of the benefits to the tomato plants like:

1.    Reduce pests
2.    Improve health and flavor
3.    Reduce diseases
4.    Help in pollination

We have discussed the basics of companion planting in our earlier article. So if you have missed that by any chance you can find it by clicking the link.

There are so many plants which can act as a companion to the tomato plants but here in this article, we have chosen our top five.

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Best Companion Plants For Tomatoes

1. Marigold:

companion plants for tomatoes

These brightly colored flowering plants are known to everybody for their pungent smell. And surely you can use them to deter pests. It is the best controller for the nematodes.

They produce a substance called alpha-terthienyl which reduces the root-knot nematodes in the soil. The best way to do it is to first grow the plant and at the end of the season chop and till them into the soil. Apart from nematodes, slugs, worms, and other garden pests can be reduced by planting Marigold plants along with Tomatoes.

2. Spinach/Lettuce:

how to grow spinach

Planting Basil, Spinach or Lettuce along with tomatoes can greatly increase the taste of tomatoes. You can also save a lot of space by planting them in a union. It increases the rate of pollination for both the plants.

As a “cherry on the top of the cake”, it also saves your tomato plants from whiteflies, mosquitoes, aphids etc. Being larger in size tomato plants also provide shades for these leafy vegetables.

3. Carrots:

companion plant carrot

As they say: “Carrots love Tomatoes”. Carrots share the space well with tomatoes. The roots of the carrot break up the soil very well. So if you have planted it along with tomatoes, the tomato plant can take nutrients, water etc very easily. It is also helpful in harvesting.

Plant the carrots when the tomatoes are very tiny and they will be ready to be harvested by the time tomato plants require more space to proliferate.

4. Onions/Garlic:

comapnion plant onion

Onions and garlic are a natural deterrent of pests. This is due to their pungent odor. Planting them along with tomatoes will definitely reduce your pest management cost.

They are a good option if your tomatoes are infested with spider mites. Planting garlic cloves around tomato plants is like providing a natural insecticide to the plant.

5. Borage:

companion plant borage

Borage protects tomatoes from the horn-worms. Growing borage along with tomatoes can help to deter the worms and keep your tomatoes healthy.

Borage also has a fresh flavor to it so you can use the smaller leaves to salads or refreshing drinks. Besides tomatoes, you can also use them as a companion plant with Cabbage to deter cabbage worms.

For more ideas about companion plants of tomatoes see the video below.

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