Red Radish Vs White Radish: Are They The same or different?

red radish and white radish

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Both white and red radish is of same genus and species (Raphanus sativus). They are of the same family as cabbage, and broccoli.

Red Radish:

Red radishes can be of many varieties. They also vary in shape and size. Usually, red radishes are smaller than white radishes.

Red radishes are native to Europe. They are red in color and have a pungent flavor. They are cool-season crops that mature very fast. Red radishes are mostly eaten in raw form.

White Radish:

White radishes are also called Daikon radish. They are distinctively white in color. White radish is native to Japan. They take comparatively a longer time to mature than red radishes. Daikon radish is also grown in winter. They have a sweeter, and milder taste than red radishes.

Sometimes people confuse white radish with turnips. Although turnips and white radish are of same family and they look and taste (when cooked) quite same, white radish is not a turnip.

Red Radish Vs White Radish (In a Nutshell):

Red RadishWhite Radish
Color of the radishRedWhite
Size of the radishRound, like a ballElongated, looks more like a carrot
How is the tastePungentSweeter, mildly spicy
How to eatRaw (mostly)Cooked or pickled
Used mostly inSaladsSushi, pickle

Radish in General:

Radishes can be of many colors. They can be red, white, purple, black, etc. They are a cool-season crop and are one of the easiest vegetables to grow.

They can come in many shapes and sizes but the most common ones are the small red bulbs.

Radishes usually have a pungent flavor. They intensity of the flavor grow with maturity. Younger radishes have comparatively milder taste than the matured ones.

Radishes are low in calories and high in fiber. So they are great healthy snacks and help you in losing weight.

red vs white radish

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