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Most Common Diseases of Potatoes

canker stem disease

This article is a follow up from our earlier article about Potato growing. So if you have not read our earlier article please read that before continuing. In this article, we will inform you about some of the most common diseases which potato plants suffer.

Potato Wart:

potato wart
potato wart disease

It is one of the most dreaded diseases of potatoes. In this case, potatoes grow swelling or tumors. One or more tumors can be seen in the tubers.

Most of the time tubers turned into warty mass and turn black with age.

The best way to control this is to use immune varieties.  

Common Scab Disease:

common potato scab
potato scab disease

These are bacterial infections. It makes the tissue corky to the surface. These form patches. The infections are mostly superficial and you can eat the tubers.

Scab is much more destroying if the soil is alkaline (Know more about soil pH). Do not add lime to the soil. For better results, use resistant varieties of the plant. Keep the moisture level in the soil by watering frequently.

Early and Late blight:

potato blight disease
potato blight disease

This is caused by fungal infection. It causes brown spots in the leaves. In case of late blight, the leaves of the plant wilt and turn brown within weeks. These conditions also deteriorate in case of humid or moist weather.

To prevent this from happening use disease-free variety of seed potato. Use a thick layer of mulch to prevent tuber infection.

Slugs and snails:

Several snails and slugs love to chew the leaves and tubers of the potato plant. They create holes in the tubers. The attack is especially severe in the rainy season. See our article on gardening in a rainy season.

Don’t water in the evening. Check for visible pests and remove them manually.

Canker stem:

canker stem disease
canker stem disease

The most common symptoms are irregular lumps of tubers. The infection can also spread to the roots.

One of the solution suggested is to use crop rotation.

Dry Rot Disease:

potato dry rot disease
potato dry rot disease

This is a situation where the potato skin becomes brown, or
even darker, and develops wrinkles. It is more or less to do with the storage problem. You need to be more careful while harvesting and storing.

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