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FAQs on Onion Growing

How to grow onions

This is another article in the FAQ series. This article is concerned with growing Onions. So here are some of the most common questions asked about Onion growing:

Can I Grow Onions From Seedlings?

onion seedlings

Yes, you can. There are 3 ways to grow the plant; from the seed, from seedlings, and from immature bulbs. You need to clip the top once it reaches 4 inches to stop its fall and to prevent any bending. Check onion growing tips for more information.

Which Onion Should I Grow? 

Depending on the required daylight to form bulbs, the onions can be of three types:

  1. Long Day Onions (Most of the onion variety are of this type and are pungent in taste)
  2. Short Day Onions (most sweet onions are short-day type)
  3. Day-neutral Onions

So if your place receives a very long day type choose Long day Onions and if the place lacks day time choose the shorter version. If you are not very sure, go for the day-neutral variety.

What Are The Different Types of Onions?

onion variety

Onions can be of different varieties. Colour wise they can be Red, Yellow or White. You can find detailed information about various types of onions in this article.

Should I Cover The Onion Bulbs? 

No. Do not try to cover the bulbs while growing onions. Onion plants have a very shallow root system. Any digging around the plant can actually damage it.

What is An Onion Set?

These are small immature bulbs which have been taken out before reaching their full size. Once they reach a size around 1/3 to 1/2 an inch in diameter they are harvested and after drying used for planting. For more details check out Onion growing tips. 

If I Can’t Plant Immediately After Buying Plants From The Shop, How Do I Store Onions? 

It is highly recommended that once you get your plant you should plant them. But if you can’t do it immediately don’t panic. The onions can live sometimes of their bulbs. Spread them in a cool and dry area. But do not put them in water.

Why Some of The Onion Sets I Planted, Go To Seeds Instead of Forming Bulbs?

Onions form bulbs in the first year and then go into flowering and seed in the next year. But if you are getting the flowers and seeds in the first year itself and not the bulbs it is may be due to the fact that the set size is too large.

Instead, try planting sets which are half an inch in diameter. Sets with larger bulbs tend to bolt faster.

How Do I know When My Onions Are Ready To Harvest? 

harvesting onions

An onion becomes fully matured when the top of the plant falls over. Don’t try to do anything to the top till then. It will damage the bulb making process.

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