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what is solarization basics

Solarization: Know the Basics

Today we will discuss a very interesting but simple way of controlling weed problems in your garden. It is called the Solarization process. We have used the term in our earlier article Weed controlling in organic ways. Here we will give some details about what is solarization and how to…

guinea fowl pest control organic gardening

Pest Control in A Biological Way

Today we will talk about biological pest control. You must have heard that in many places in the world, people are using poultry birds such as Chickens, Ducks, or Guineas to control pests in their garden. Today we will discuss these methods and their pros and cons. Raising chickens or…

gardening in the rain Monsoon

Gardening In the Rain

It is that time of the year when after a searing summer heat, the mercury has already come down and plans to dip even further in coming days as the monsoon clouds looming over our head. While rains evoke different moods for different people, it is also when it is…