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Vermiculite: A Basic Idea

The following article is a follow up of my previous articles on Soil-less growth media. You can check the rest of the media by clicking here. Though some times perlite and vermiculite are used as synonyms, they are very different in many aspects. Through I wanted to put some light…

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Coco Coir | Coconut Coir and its use in gardening

Coconut coir is nowadays a popular choice for growing plants. It has certainly replaced peat moss in many cases and rightly so. Coir has several advantages over peat moss which we will discuss in this article. This is a followup article from our earlier ones on soil-less growing media and…

A basic Idea about Peat Moss

After discussing on various soil-less growth media in brief in my earlier blog, I have planned to share some more information on the individual media. This is the first issue where I shared some information on one of the most controversial and popular soil-less growing media, Peat Moss. Hope you…

Best Soilless media current trends in gardening

Different soilless media for growing plants

Believe it or not, the soil itself isn’t necessary for growing plant. You only need some of its constituents. The main reason people grow plants in soil is one, soil acts as a reservoir that retains water and other nutrients and second it gives the much-needed support to the roots….