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Soil pH: A basic Idea

In some of my earlier articles, I have mentioned about pH and the ideal pH for a particular plant. But many starters are not aware of this technicality. So I decided to demystify the jargon in this article and explain what different ph levels in soil means. What is Soil…

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Light (sunlight or artificial light) is one of the most important factors of Gardening. In the presence of light plants bind water and carbon Di-oxide (CO2) into sugar which is being used as food. This sugar is also used to form new cells, to thicken cell walls and to develop…

light and gardening factors of gardening

Effect of Light on Indoor Gardening

Today Lets talk about Light. Light is a very important factor in gardening. But when you think about indoor gardening light is absolutely crucial. Most gardeners prefer, south-facing windows, as they allow abundant light. But depending on where you’re located in the country, this could be a boon or a…